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APC Multi-Rotor Pusher Prop 12 x 4.5

APC Multi-Rotor Pusher Prop 12 x 4.5

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APC is proud to provide a line of propellers specifically designed for Multi-Rotor applications (Quad-Copters). These propellers bridge the gap between our Thin Electric propellers and Slow Flyer propellers. The ‘MR’ propellers are lighter than the Thin Electrics and have a higher RPM capability than the Slow Flyers.

Product description

  • The new APC Multirotor props provide the high thrust and light weight of the Slow Fly series, combined with the larger hub size and blade shape of the E-series props.
  • This makes them the perfect fit for Multirotor applications.
  • These props are optimized for maximum efficiency in hovering applications, providing lower current draw for longer flights.
  • The Multirotor series props have a maximum suggested RPM of 105,000/ prop diameter in inches.
  • Using this formula, the maximum recommended speed for the 12 inch Multirotor props is 8,750 RPM.
  • The Multirotor props do not ship with the shaft adapter rings, so these parts need to be purchased separately.