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LXT150-424 - T 150 - Lynx Plastic Propeller 42 mm - Yellow

LXT150-424 - T 150 - Lynx Plastic Propeller 42 mm - Yellow

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Lynx Heli Innovations are now producing high quality tail propeller!

Our tail propeller has been designed from scratch to be the best tail propeller possible.

Using dedicated software was possible optimize the design of the blade profile to get best efficiency and tail authority.

Thanks to our expert plastics consultant, we have optimized the weight and the rigidity using an exotic polymer blend.

The tail propeller features incredible material stability that guarantees constant shape (no warping), even with extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold).

The result is a stiff tail propeller giving the best tail performance under all conditions and fly style.

When flying the Lynx tail propeller on your helicopter, you will immediately feel tail precision and vibes-free, situations that will achieve the best fly performance.

Plastic Polymer Base PA66

Tail propeller for T-Rex 150 - Tail Motor Shaft 1.4 mm Diameter
Tail Propeller Diameter Disc: 42 mm (as standard)
Average weight: 0.20g