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3M DUAL LOCK (Alternative to Velcro) 250 stem

3M DUAL LOCK (Alternative to Velcro) 250 stem

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3M DUAL LOCK (250) is one of the most reliable ways to secure your lipo from ejecting in hard hits when racing or just for that added sense of security when freestyling and long range cruising. We have been using dual lock for years and tested against every other option in the industry, this is hands down the best option. The force of impacts will eject your lipo even with a durable lipo strap. Gel pads and regular velcro are good but not as secure as the dual lock option, the only drawback being added weight but its far better to have a few extra g's than not finishing a flight due to your lipo flying out. Ideally, the 250 stem will be used with smaller, lighter lipos and the 400 stem version for larger, heavier lipos. Consider 250 stem for 2s-4s lipos under 1300mah and 400 stem for 4s-Xs for 1300mah and bigger.