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800E Auxiliary battery mount set H80T010XXW

800E Auxiliary battery mount set H80T010XXW

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Instruction: Specification:
?Specially designed auxiliary battery mount set to balance the helicopter when gimbal system is used, provides proper CG for better flight stability.
?Dedicated APS sensor unit mounting platform to simplify installation.
?Auxiliary Battery Board (100x40x2mm) x 2
?Auxiliary Battery Mount Side Plate (100x19x2mm) x 2
?Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp– Left (58x8x59mm) x1
?Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp– Right (58x8x60mm) x1
?Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp(GPS) – Left ( 58x8x61mm ) x1
?Auxiliary Battery Boom Clamp(GPS) – Right ( 58x8x62mm ) x1
?GPS Mounting Plate (41x12x14mm) x1
?GPS Mounting Mast (30x38x3.5mm) x1
?Flat Head Socket Cap Screw (M2.5x6mm) x16
?Socket collar screw(M3x20mm) x1
?Socket collar screw(M2.5x8mm) x1
?Strap x 2
?Hook & Loop fastening tape x 4