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ABEC-3 Bearings (9x17x4) 689OPEN - T-REX 600

ABEC-3 Bearings (9x17x4) 689OPEN - T-REX 600

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High Quality ABEC-3 Thrust bearings for T-REX 600

Replace stock bearings by these high quality ABEC-3 bearings with much higher tolerance and smoothness and feel a much difference in response.


-Bearing 689OPEN (9x17x4mm)

Quantity: 2 pieces

Use in T-REX 600 Bearing Block H60031

If it doesn't specify which ABEC rating, it's likely that's it's ABEC-1. ABEC-3 bearings are much tighter in tolerance than ABEC-1 bearings, thus provide much higher accuracy and smoothness.