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Miniature Bearing Remover Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm

Miniature Bearing Remover Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm

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        The disassembly of embedded miniature bearings has always been difficult, especially the small size bearings below 6mm, even the universal Taobao can not find. This product speaks volumes about the innovative capabilities of Steam engineers, and it is the first time in the industry that such a small bearing remover has been used in a wide range of helicopter models.

Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm miniature bearing remover is suitable for disassembling bearings with inner diameter of Φ3/Φ4/Φ5mm, using high hardness carbon steel CNC grinding. There are four types of removers in this group. There are two types of Φ3mm miniature bearing removers:

A. small bearing corresponding to the bottom space of two bearings is disassembled, because the two bearings have been stuck, and the disassembler can not be used in the environment.

B.The inlaid bearing corresponding to the separate state of two bearings is disassembled in the normal micro-bearing disassembly.

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Φ3mm Micro Fit Bearing Remover×1

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