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Bearing of 6/8/10mm diameter

Bearing of 6/8/10mm diameter

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        The disassembly of embedded micro-bearings has always been difficult, especially the disassembly of small-size bearings, even the universal Taobao can not find. This product speaks to the innovative capabilities of Steam engineers, and it is the first time in the industry that such a small bearing remover has been made for use on helicopter models, especially suitable for bearing removal and installation of prize clips/tail rotor clips.

        The Φ6/Φ8/Φ10mm miniature bearing remopper is suitable for removing and installing bearings with an inner diameter of Φ6/Φ8/Φ10mm. In the case of mounting bearings, it only applies pressure to the outer ring of the bearing, without touching the inner ring of the bearing, which can effectively avoid damage to the bearing steel ball. Therefore, it is also an auxiliary tool for installing the paddle clamp bearing.

        Terminator series tools are the designer's collection of more than 20 years of design products, he no longer want to design similar products, so the series of tools named Terminator. This series of tools are very classic and highly recommended by designers.

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Φ6mm Miniature Bearing Remover×1

Φ8mm Miniature Bearing Remover×1

Φ10mm Miniature Bearing Remover×1

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