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Cellpro PowerLab Y Harness

Cellpro PowerLab Y Harness

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Cellpro PowerLab Y Harness. Made with heavy duty 10AWG for connecting PowerLab and GT series chargers to the Power Station 24V55A power supply.

Two sets of EC5 connectors on one end that connect to the input cables on channels one and two of the Cellpro Dual PowerLab or GT500DUO; or you may use this Y Harness to connect a single PL6 , PL8 or GT500 or two PL6, PL8 or GT500 chargers to a single power supply.

The end which connects to the power supply is left bare.

To connect to the Revolectrix Power Station 24V55A power supply, simply strip approximately one inch of wire from the bare end and connect to the Power Station binding posts.

Total overall length: 20".

Weight: 0.045 kg