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CH240 Li-Po Charger

CH240 Li-Po Charger

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Instruction: Specification:
1.Voltage balancing charging suitable for 1S (3.7V).
2.Suitable for DC 5V power input.
3.Auto-detected charge status display.

1.Do not leave the charger is operating unattended as it may cause a fire.

2.If the battery becomes hot while high current discharging or flying, please do not charge the battery immediately. Wait to cool down(about 20 mins), then inspect to recharge. If against follow the original factory using rules, possibly cause the battery to inflate or any dangerous accident happens.
? Input Voltage: DC 5V
? Output Voltage: 1S 3.7V
? Supported Battery Type: Li-polymer
? Charging Method: CC/CV
? Charging Current: 0.5A
? Size: 36.2x34x16.2mmm
? Weight:Approx 9.5g
?CH240 Li-po Charger x 1
?USB Power cord x 1