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eFUEL 1200W/50A V2 Regulated Power Supply NEW!

eFUEL 1200W/50A V2 Regulated Power Supply NEW!

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Active PFC

PFC (power factor correction) consists of active PFC and negative PFC. Active PFC, which is integrated into SkyRC 1200W/50A regulated power supply, can provide higher power utilization.

Active PFC is the use of power electronics to change the waveform of current drawn by a load to improve the power factor, thus achieving the purpose of higher efficiency. It’s capable of correction on AC input voltage and universal on a global basis.

Intelligent Air Cooling System

Adopting the cooling system, the fan will be initiated automatically when the operating temperature reaches 50 degrees.

The maximum output of the two main ports is 50A, while each of other three deputy outlets provides up to 10A output with a switch to control respectively.1200W output with 5 outlets to power your charger, you deserve to have one such power supply.

What’s in the Box

  • PSU 50A
  • AC Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual


Cooling Method Cooling Fan
Input AC Frequency 50-60Hz
Input Fuse 20A Fuse
LCD Display Voltage Precision ±0.3V
Current Precision ±0.5A
Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Output Current 50A±1A
Output Voltage 15-30V DC±0.5V
Output Voltage Ripple < 1200mV
Over Temperature Protection < 65℃
Power Efficiency 89%
Power Factor > 0.98
Voltage 100-240V AC
Weight 3.08kg


  • Height : 85mm
  • Length : 305mm
  • Width : 170mm