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Furious FPV


FuriousFPV High Performance 66mm Plastic Propellers (Brown, 4CW & 4CCW)

FuriousFPV High Performance 66mm Plastic Propellers (Brown, 4CW & 4CCW)

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Light, strong and designed to be pushed to the absolute limit, Furious FPV puts its stamp where it counts, offering high quality, low cost propellers for your favorite micro quad application.

Designed specifically for 1mm shaft applications, Furious FPV has developed these propellers to perform, offering a well balanced layout with excellent levels of outright performance. And when it comes to back to back consistent performance, Furious FPV has you covered with a prop layout that simply works.

Designed to take a beating, these props not only perform well, but deform in a crash, allowing the plastic to absorb the impact with minimal to little damage. Add excellent levels of crisp in flight performance, Furious FPV covers all the bases when it comes to pushing FPV flight to the extreme.

This is for brushed motors, 0720-12 and 0820-15 and 0820-17 motors

Shaft size: 1mm

Quantity: 8pcs (4CW and 4CCW)