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HQ 4.8X3.4X4 V1S 4 Blade (2CW+2CCW) GREY NEW

HQ 4.8X3.4X4 V1S 4 Blade (2CW+2CCW) GREY NEW

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The OG prop maker, HQ, has reworked the old 4 blade prop and redesigned it as a 4.8" blade for better performance and efficiency. 4 blade props were terrible for efficiency before but gave a level of control that no 3 blade prop could match.

This new prop is the best of both worlds and will surely be a welcome addition to your lineup of props for freestyle cinematic flights. Can also be used for racing in certain scenarios.


Prop weight: 4.2g

Blade #: 4

Hub/Shaft dia: 5mm

Colour: Grey


2cw, 2ccw