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KST MS-2208 HV Standard Cyclic Servo (Hall Sensor) V2.0

KST MS-2208 HV Standard Cyclic Servo (Hall Sensor) V2.0

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The KST MS-2208 HV cyclic servo is designed to work with most 550-800 class helicopters. Different than KST X20 series that come with a pot contact, the MS series come with a magnetic sensor / hall sensor communication so it lasts much longer (never wear out), more precise and speedier than pot contact.


  • Operation Voltage: DC6.0V- 8.4V
  • Torque:
    • 18Kg/cm@6.0V
    • 22Kg/cm@7.4V
    • 25Kg/cm@8.4V
  • Speed:
    • 0.09sec/60°@6.0V
    • 0.08sec/60°@7.4V
    • 0.07sec/60°@8.4V
  • Size: 40.5 x 20 x 38mm
  • Working Frequency: 1520us/333Hz
  • Weight: 72g
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Position Sensor: Contactless
  • Ball Bearing: 2BB
  • Material: Alu 7075 for top case, Alu 6061 for middle & bottom case.