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LX0483 - MCPX BL - 8 mm Ultra Tail Motor Support - Red Devil Edition

LX0483 - MCPX BL - 8 mm Ultra Tail Motor Support - Red Devil Edition

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Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard MCPX–BL 8 mm Tail Motor Support, using a combination of aluminum alloy and techno polymer.

Micro helicopter upgrades can be a trap – often they look nice but do little for function, and only add weight.

We spent time optimizing the design and fly testing to achieve the required strength and the best air cooling with a final weight and design shape beyond compromise. We are pilots, and we demand upgrade that really delivery performance.

Thanks a unique and innovative design, we created the perfect motor heat sinks for your MCPX –BL.

Details and design combined with strength, durability, accurate CNC tolerances, finish, heat sinks effect and most important lightweight, will increase and assure long life of NANO CPX tail motor.


- 8mm Tail Motor support and Motor Protector Combo sale.

- Optimized air cooling system increase tail motor efficacy and life.

- CNC window for integrated tail boom wire installation.

- Direct replacement for the standard MCPX –BL part.

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.


- Tail Motor Support Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Red – anodized finish

- Tail Motor Case Protector: POM 100

- Hardware material: Chrome Steel Alloy – ABEC 5 precision class – Made Japan

- Assembly weight: 0.82 g (Combo of Motor Support and Motor Protector)


- 1 x MCPX –BL CNC 8mm Tail Motor Support

- 1 x MCPX –BL CNC 8mm Tail Motor Case Protector

- 3 x PAN Screw M1.2x4