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LX1256 - 200SRX - Ultra Tail Boom Clamp - Silver

LX1256 - 200SRX - Ultra Tail Boom Clamp - Silver

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The 200SRX is an amazing RTF helicopter. Lynx has looked closely at the helicopter’s performance, and we have found a number of areas for improvement. One issue we noted was the standard heli Tail Boom Clamp.

These parts originally in plastic can’t clamp the boom as need, than vibe or tail wag can upend, reducing the tail system performance.

Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard 200SRX plastic tail boom clamp, using aluminum alloy.

We designed a clamp that once installed will lock perfectly the boom making the tail system “rock-solid”. Like any Lynx part we aim for the strongest part with the lightest weight. We always look for upgrades that will not compromise helicopter performance.

Our design removes the old and not necessary horizontal fin to give a modern and high-tech heli looking.

The details and design of this tail boom clamp mount add top performance and an exotic look to your 200SRX tail system.


- Direct replacement for the standard 200SRX tail parts.

- Optimized tail boom support for a “rock solid” clamp.

- Increased rigidity of the tail system improving tail performance reducing wag and vibes.

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assistance, achieving the lightest weight with the maximum strength.


- Tail Boom Clamp Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish.

- Screw material: Carbon steel 12.9 class

- Weight: 0.4g


1 x 200SRX Tail Boom Clamp - Silver

2 x M1.4X4 Pan Head Screw

1 x M1.6x6 Pan Head Screw