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LX1295 - 200SRX - CNC POM Antirotation Guide

LX1295 - 200SRX - CNC POM Antirotation Guide

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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

Lynx redesign the standard plastic 200SRX anti-rotation bracket using CNC POM (Delrin) and special features to increase the overall performance.

Small details make an important difference; FEA analysis software give us the support to determinate the best compromise between weight and stiffener, in order to assure the best fly performance without add any unnecessary weight.


- Enlarged base surface to fit in the frame and avoid rotation in fly.

- Super Precise Autorotation Pin slot cut for the smooth sliding

- Enlarged Autorotation Pin contact surface for the best guide

- Unique and stylish Lynx design

- Easy and quick installation without open the frame

- Lightweight and very smooth antifriction sliding.


- Anti-Rotation Bracket Material: POM – White Color

- Weight: 0.15g


1 x CNC POM 200SRX - Anti Rotation Guide