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Lynx Heli


LX1599 - OXY3 - Ultra Tail Pitch Slider - Red

LX1599 - OXY3 - Ultra Tail Pitch Slider - Red

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Lynx Heli offer upgraded Tail Pitch Slider for your Oxy 3.

Lynx – Oxy 3 Tail Pitch Slider is assembled with fully CNC components to offer the best strength and crash and wear resistance.

- Direct replacement for the standard Oxy 3 tail parts.
- Increase strength and crash resistance.
- Preassembled with lock thread and greased bearing.
- High precision CNC linkage rod with super precise brass bushing for the lighter and smooth rotation assembly.

- Designed and tested with very high head speed, (over 5000 rpm).

- FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) design assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.

- Pitch Slider Ring Material: Carbon Steel

- Slider Bushing Material: Brass 360

- Pitch Linkage Material: CNC Tecnopolymer based POM
- Bearing Material: Chrome Steel – ABEC5
- Hardware Material: Carbon Steel – Class 12.9

- 1 x Oxy 3 – Ultra Tail Pitch Slider - factory assembly – Red Color.