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OMP Hobby M4 Helicopter Magenta PNP

OMP Hobby M4 Helicopter Magenta PNP

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OMP's latest offering, the M4 is ready to go! PNP models come with servos, esc, motor and blades. Kit models only come with motor and blades. Both will need your own FBL of choice.

FBL recommended option - Brain2

Mechanical Features:

  • Black anodized aluminium parts on Viva Magenta, Charm Orange and Racing Yellow models
  • Silver anodized aluminium parts on the Classic Blue model
  • Robust and durable 8mm main shaft, 5mm spindle shaft and 5mm tail shaft
  • Excellent main and tail blade grip guidance through radial-axial-radial bearing arrangement
  • Large pitch range main rotor design for extreme control power in any situation, ±14° collective pitch with ±14° cyclic pitch possible
  • Compact and symmetric servo layout for easy access and excellent flight performance
  • High precision, long throw tail mechanics for easy setup, precise control and virtually unlimited tail power
  • Tail rotor drive ratio: 4.5:1
  • Extremely rigid, teardrop shaped tail boom
  • Highly compact flight mechanics design, providing excellent rigidity and high vertical CG
  • M2.5 screws used in most places across the frame for excellent durability, serviceability and crash resistance
  • Battery tray system in two way fixed the battery, left- and right handed option available
  • Large battery space under the canopy, 6S 1800mAh-2200mAh possible. Recommended battery weight: 295-325g
  • Sacrificial canopy holders with replaceable beams
  • Open frame design for easy wiring and serviceability
  • Motor guards included as standard equipment
  • Highly impact resistant landing gear
  • XT60 connector frame mount for easy battery connection
  • Flying weight: appx. 1350g

Electronics/propulsion equipment:

  • OMPHOBBY ESC, featuring: HV BEC, RPM output, Internal governor & FBL governor options, telemetry output
  • OMPHOBBY HV 12mm Swashplate and Tail rotor servos
  • OMPHOBBY/SUNNYSKY Direct Drive motor
  • Fun-Key RotorTech 385mm Ultimate High Performance Carbon Fiber Rotor Blades
  • OMPHOBBY 71mm Tail Rotor Blades, made from durable, impact resistant, fiber reinforced plastic with highly visible paint scheme

*Designed for use with 6s 2000mah lipo

OMPHobby M4 close-up

  • Designed by Jonas Wackershauser
  • RotorTech 385 Ultimate, included as the standard blade
  • Large, powerful direct drive main motor
  • Large pitch range main rotor design for good control in any situation, ±14° collective pitch with ±14° cyclic pitch
  • Flying weight: approx. 1350g (with 6S 2000mAh Lipo)

OMPHobby M4 Frame design

  • Main and tail blade grip guides through radial-axial-radial bearing setup
  • M2.5 screws used throughout the frame for durability and consistency during maintenance


OMPHobby M4 Tail design

  • Belt driven tail rotor utilizing 71mm tail blades.
  • High precision, long tail throw gives precise control
  • Tail rotor drive ratio: 4.5:1

OMPHobby M4 servo layout

  • 8mm main shaft, 5mm spindle shaft and 5mm tail shaft
  • Smart servo layout for easy maintenance and excellent flight performance

OMPHobby M4 Gyro mount

  • Large FC mounting plate to allow wide range of FBL units
  • Break away canopy mounts with replaceable arms
  • Teardrop shaped tail boom for increased rigidity and durability

OMPHobby M4 Battery tray

  • Large battery space under the canopy allows for 6S 1800mAh-2200mAh battery size
  • Quick change battery tray system with replaceable carbon fiber latch, left/right handed option
  • XT60 connector frame mount for easy battery connection

OMPHobby M4 Product dimensions


  • M4 RC Helicopter Airframe Kit (Requires Assembly)
  • Direct Drive Brushless Motor
  • 385mm RotorTech Main Rotor Blades
  • 71mm Tail Rotor blades
  • 3x Cyclic Servos 12mm, 1x Tail servo 12mm
  • 1x ESC 60A

Required Components

  • 1x Flybarless controller [e.g. MSH Brain2 / GTS]
  • 1x Radio Transmitter (6-channel or more) [e.g. Radiomaster TX16S / Boxer, Spektrum NX8 / NX10, Futaba T16IZ, Vbar Touch / Evo etc]
  • 1x Radio Receiver (6-channel or more) [e.g. Spektrum 9745 / 9746, Radiomaster R81, Futaba AC900]
  • 1x LiPo Battery: 6S 1800mAh-2200mAh - recommended battery weight: 295-325g