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Protos Max Leggero Upgrade Kit

Protos Max Leggero Upgrade Kit

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The Leggero upgrade kit includes all the parts needed to remove a staggering ~350g from your Protos Max V2 or Protos Max Evoluzione (compared to the stock kit).

The upgrade kit includes:

  • Leggero main plastic composite frame
  • White Gorilla Gear
  • Leggero main pulley
  • Leggero main shaft
  • Leggero autorotation pulley
  • Leggero canopy mounts
  • Leggero battery slide with Velcro straps
  • Leggero CF main frames (2)
  • Aluminum 20T pinion

Utilizing new composite materials, many components of the Max V2 Leggero have been updated to remove weight and elevate performance. With the updated design it's now possible to build a world class 700 machine with unparalleled robustness below 12lb (5.45Kg). Yet the Max V2L retains the strength to support 770 and 800 configurations. The legendary twin belt design carries incredible power, while removing the noise, high maintenance, and vibration caused by traditional designs.