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Pulse Battery


PULSE 5000mAh 70C 44.4V 12S LiPo Battery - No Connector

PULSE 5000mAh 70C 44.4V 12S LiPo Battery - No Connector

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For 700-size to 800-size helicopters with 12S battery set up!

Pulse Ultra Lipo Battery - Power Redefined

Pulse Ultra Batteries have redefined the RC lipo battery industry, with a goal to provide a absolute pinnacle in lithium battery technology. After many years of outstanding success, Pulse Ultra lipo batteries have lived up to their name in the RC industry, providing massive power & performance at cost levels simply unheard of with a battery technology of this capability.

Dedicated within the RC helicopter industry, along with a rapid advancement in the airplane & multi rotor segment, Pulse has quickly become the choice of pro level pilots and beyond, filling the flight line with pilots of all skills levels & demands.

Outfitted to perform, Pulse Ultra is the brand pilots search for, and when compared with other battery manufacturers in the marketplace, Pulse continues to provide levels of qualify, performance and power that outstrip all others.

Offered in the myriad of cell counts, capacities, C ratings and size ranges, Pulse Ultra lipo battery is set apart by 5C charge rates, large selection for all manners of aircraft, high construction, and a reputation that is true to form. Expanding even further, Pulse Ultra provides dedicated batteries for receiver applications, transmitter applications, airplane applications, and multi rotor applications as well.

Living up to the inherent quality Pulse Ultra is known for, each Pulse Ultra lipo battery is equipped with a (90) day manufacturer warranty at the time of sale, providing how series Pulse is committed to quality.

For the ultimate choice in battery technology for helicopter, multi rotors, airplane applications and more, Pulse Ultra lithium polymer batteries live up to their name, seen by many within the industry as the very best in lithium polymer power.

12S 44/4V Wiring:

Use a bullet style connector (male and female) to join the two (2) yellow wires - one male, and one female. This connector should be 5mm or larger, which allows the pack to be broken into 6S packs for charging.

For the positive / negative (red & black) wires, these will solder to a standard connector of your choice, such as an EC5 connector. Once soldering is complete, the (2) yellow wires can be joined together, which will tie both packs into (1) 12S 44.4 battery, outputting 12S 44.4V power via the connector attached to the positive / negative (red & black) wire. This setup negates the need for a series connector, simplifying the wiring setup/ You will need to make a custom charge lead for each 6S pack to allow each 6S battery to be charged independently.

Alternative Wiring - (2) 6S 22.2V Setup:

Solder connectors of your choice (such as EC5's) to (1) yellow wire, and (1) black wire, and solder another connector to the yellow & read wire. Be extremely careful with polarity! With this option, you will need to use a series connector to link both battery packs into a 12S 44.4V battery setup. However, charging is simplified, as each 6S pack is easily charged using standard charge leads and balance tabs.


  • Pulse 5000mAh 70C 44.4V 12S LiPo Battery - No Connector
  • Dedicated High Performance RC LiPo Battery
  • Large Array of Sizes & Voltages, Light Weights & Low Cost
  • 5C Charge rates for Ultra fast Charge Times & High Discharge Rates
  • Applications: RC LiPo Battery, Helicopter Battery, Airplane Battery


  • Voltage / Cell Count: 44.4V 12S Lipo Battery
  • Capacity: 5000mAh Lipo Battery
  • Discharge Rate / Max Burst: 70C / 140C
  • Dimensions: 325 x 52 x 49mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1563g
  • Balance Tap: JST-XH Connector
  • Battery Connector: No Connector