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The brand new Raw 420 Competition is the latest evolution of the 420 size model from SAB, instead of being direct drive like its predecessor, it features a single stage gearing system. This allows you to optimize power, efficiency and flight time based on your specific needs by choosing your own motor size and KV.

The Raw 420 Competition can run on any motor size ranging from 2820 to 3220 and KVs ranging from 800 to 1000. With a variety of motor pulleys you now have the freedom to fine tune your head speed based on your motor of choice.

This little machine is lighter than its direct drive counterpart. It also features a new canopy design resembling the all popular Raw 500.

This helicopter is a breeze to build, it has a very low parts count and has many other cool features like a new and improved tail push rod that is very easy to put together, an integrated flybarless system antenna mount and much more.

This helicopter is designed to run on a 6s pack ranging from 2200 to 2700 mAh and comes with blades. You simply need to get a motor, servos (micro cyclic & mini tail), an ESC and a flight controller! We recommend either the HobbyWing 60 or 80 amp controllers or the Scorpion 06_80. All of these are excellent choices, if you are planing on doing mild 3D or sport flying, the HobbyWing 60 is the best choice, for harder 3D, then the 80 amp ESCs are preferred.

The kit ships with one battery tray, make sure to get more if you plan on having more than one battery ready to go.

Main Features:
  • Single stage gear system (use your own motor)
  • New S Line blades (420mm and 70mm included)
  • Quick release battery tray with built-in connectors
  • Zytel HTN resin blade grip arms (sacrificial)
  • The canopy does not need to be removed to replace batteries

  • Airframe weight: 1000gr (with blades and motor, no battery and electronics)
  • Main rotor diameter: 935mm (with 420 mm blades)
  • Main blade length: 380 to 420 mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 190 mm (with 70 mm tail blades)
  • Cyclic Servos: Micro size 23 mm
  • Tail Servo: Mini size 35 mm
  • Main Rotor Ratio : 1 : 6,3 to 1 : 5
  • Tail Rotor Ratio : 4 : 1
  • Tail blade length: 55 to 70 mm
  • Maximum battery size: 40x54x135mm
  • Recommended battery: 6S 2200/2700 mAh
  • Recommended battery weight: approximately 350-420gr

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