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Scorpion 3026XXXX Ceramic Bearing Kit 2pcs (5x8x2.5); 1pcs (5x13x4)

Scorpion 3026XXXX Ceramic Bearing Kit 2pcs (5x8x2.5); 1pcs (5x13x4)

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High Quality CERAMIC bearings

Replace stock bearings by these highest quality CERAMIC bearings with much higher tolerance and smoothness and feel a much difference in response.


2 x Bearings MR85ZZCRM (5x8x2.5mm)

1 x Bearings MR695ZZCRM (5x13x4mm)

Quantity: 3 pieces

Attention Buyers: You need to make sure which version your HK-3026 motors are. This kit is for old version. The new version uses different bearing. Please read instruction below:

Scorpion did change the design of the HK3026 motor a couple months ago, and
switched the internal bearing from a pair of 8x5x2.5 to a single 10x5x4

The serial number on the motor indicates the year and month the motor was
made. The first letter indicates the year. H was 2007 and I is 2008. The
second letter indicates the month with A for January, B for February, C for
March and so on. I believe that all motors made since June are of the new
design, so any serial number starting with IF or later should be the newer
bearing style. Any motor starting with an H, or IE and earlier, would have
the 3-bearing set.

The user can also open up the motor and tell very easily. In the earlier
design, the bearing tube extended all the way through stator and surrounded
the inner bearings. In these motors, you can see a gold ring, 1mm wide
surrounding the inner bearings. In the later model motors, the bearing tube
stops inside the stator, and the bearing is pressed directly into the hole
in the center of the stator.

Ceramic Materials, which can be used in making bearings, includes mainly Silicon Nitride(Si3N4), Zirconia(ZrO2),
Alumina(Al2O3) and so on. They
are noted for their characters high strength in high rigidity,good wearability; high temperature, corrosion resistance; high resistance, non-magnetic, electrical insulation, these characters quality
them for replacing steel to make bearings to meet the requirements in a severe condition, where a steel bearing
cannot withstand.

Hybrid ceramic bearing features bearing rings made of bearing steel(Gcr15) or stainless steel(9cr18). The ceramic
balls is mainly made of Silicon Nitride, Zirconia or Alumina, among which Silicon Nitride is of excellent overall performance and has become the preferred material for ceramic ball bearing.

The density of Silicon Nitride is 3.20g/cm3, much lower than that of bearing steel(7.85g/cm3). For this reason, the
ceramic rolling element can effectively restrain the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation and
reduce the load of rolling element.

Meanwhile, it can reduce the rotational slide between the rolling element and the raceway surface, and thus pre-
vent surface damage. Therefore, ceramic ball bearing is the best choice for high-speed rotation application, such
as high-speed motor spindle bearing, machine spindle bearing, dental drill bearing, instrument bearing and hard
drive bearing, high-speed wheelhead bearing. It can also be used in the civilian products like roller skates, aero-
modellings and electric toys.