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Supra X Tri Housing 5mm 3 Pair Pack REB5810AS

Supra X Tri Housing 5mm 3 Pair Pack REB5810AS

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Supra X Tri Housing 5mm 3 Pair Pack REB5810AS

This is a pack of four RCPROPLUS Pro-X5 Supra X Battery Connectors. This set includes four male and four female black and red polarized connector housings, as well as four male and four female bullet connectors.

These connectors are a great solution for your high current and high voltage demands offering a large, low resistance surface patch for efficient power transfer. The connectors also feature a base that screws onto the connector housing keeping all wires concealed, eliminating the need for heat shrink. Also, when the male and female ends are connected together, they ‘click’, letting you know they’re tightly joined and ready to perform. In addition, the 24K Gold Plated bullet plugs feature a recessed wire cavity and solder windows making assembly hassle free.


  • Screw-on base eliminating any need for heat wrap
  • Use with batteries, speed controllers and chargers
  • Recessed plug cavity and solder windows
  • Large, low resistance contact patch
  • 'Click' connection
  • Hassle free assembly



  • Products No.: REB5810 AS P6
  • Applicable Wire: 10~12AWG
  • Peak Current: 180A
  • Continue Current:140A
  • Max.Volt Rating D/AC: 100V
  • Contact resistance: 0.38m Ohm
  • Raw Material: C36 Series
  • Standrad Packing: P8 (4 Set 8Pair)