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SwitchGlo DIY Kit with Push-Button & Glow Indicator

SwitchGlo DIY Kit with Push-Button & Glow Indicator

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Designed for the "do-it-yourself" to build your own custom ground switch and glow indicator for SwitchGlo Pro. Perfect for the Scale Modeler who wants on-board glow confirmation while in flight, but also keep the most realistic look without having unnecessary cut-outs in the body of the aircraft.

The push-button is a secondary 15 second glow trigger while grounded. The LED indicator is for visual confirmation of glow while SwitchGlo is activated. This kit is designed to be cut apart into 2 or 3 pieces, allowing the ability to mount each of them in totally separate locations.

This 3-way module includes 18 inches of 4-strand ribbon wire, an external push-button, a board-mounted "super-bright" LED chip, an optional red thru-hole LED with a concealable clear lens, and easy soldering & wiring instructions.

The purpose of the SwitchGlo/DIY system is to have absolutely no set-up limitations. Build your model exactly the way YOU want it. Now you have the freedom to mount an extra LED and/or push-button anywhere on your plane!