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SwitchGlo - Push-button Controlled Onboard Glow Driver/Igniter

SwitchGlo - Push-button Controlled Onboard Glow Driver/Igniter

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  • PushGlo is an effective device to ignite your glow plug using your existing rx power and a small circuit.The PushGlo is very similar to its big brother, the SwitchGlo Pro, in it functions to light the glow plug, detect glow plug defect and allow for a all in one on board glow system.


  • 4V to 9V Input
  • Optimal Adaptive glow, at any volt
  • Audible Indicator
  • Spent Glow Plug Alert
  • Selectable Glow Time
  • No batteries or re-charging
  • Easy Install and maintenance free
  • Push Button Extender (sold separately)
  • LED Indicator (sold separately)


  • After installing the push button unit, clip the red alligator lead to the glow plug, the black negative lead to somewhere on your motor and the receiver lead to any open channel on your receiver for power. Input can be 4v to 9v.

***NOTE- on AR7100R receivers use regulated side to prevent any voltage spikes during flight that could harm the PushGlo

Once that is installed your done, its as simple as that. Power on your radio and helicopter and when your ready to start simply push the button for 12 seconds of continuous glow. If 12 seconds is not enough you can continue to depress the button adding 12 seconds per push. To cancel the glow simply hold down the button for 2 seconds and the glow will disengage.