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Team Black Sheep


TBS/IBCrazy VAS 5.8g RHCP Patch Antenna

TBS/IBCrazy VAS 5.8g RHCP Patch Antenna

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TBS is an acclaimed brand in the fpv market. Taking the typical TBS approach, we look at the shortcomings of the current offerings and try to find niches for innovation. The TBS 5.8 GHz Patch antenna is one of them. Designed by the godfather of circular polarisation (IBCrazy, Video Aerial Systems LLC) and manufactured by Team BlackSheep, this antenna is your cheap entry into circular polarisation. The 5dbi gain provides enough beam width to comfortably mount this patch antenna directly to your goggle-receiver.

The typical range for this antenna is a very comfortable 1.5km on a 200mW transmitter (which translates to 3-4km if we use the same metrics as our competition). It thus matches or outperforms all existing Cloverleaf / Skew-Planar-Wheel combinations, but it only has a 110 degree coverage. It's more rugged and durable than all of the other receiver antennas too, and lighter.

Use this antenna for your everyday flights in combination with our True-D V3.6 Diversity Module (5.8g).


  • 5dBi Gain
  • RH Circular Polarization
  • 5700 - 5900 MHz working frequency
  • 110° beam width
  • 35 x 35mm
  • SMA connector

***Note that while the specs state 110 degree radius of coverage, our own tests have shown to allow it to cover signal behind the pilot. The lower 5 dbi compared to other patches at 8 dbi allow for more maneuvering outside of the spec radius. The 8bi patches while having slightly farther range, do not allow much movement outside of the spec radius coverage. If your a racing or freestyle pilot that doesn't require long range signal then this is one of the best all round patch antennas you can get.