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Xnova Motors

SKU:XN-Bearing 4025-4535

Xnova Bearing Set for 4025 to 4535 series (3)

Xnova Bearing Set for 4025 to 4535 series (3)

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Xnova 4025 bearings

1 set of high quality NMB bearings  (3) which will suit the Xnova 4025 series motor.

Product information:

Replacement NMB high quality bearings for Xnova motors and other motors (8mm shaft).


  • 3 x Bearings for 4025 to 4035 series

Aditinally info!

We have update the 4025 series to 3 bearings instead of 2. In case you need to replace your bearings, please follow up with your serial number and compare it with the numbers you will find below.

If your motor is above this serial numbers , please order the 3 bearing sets, if lower you will need the 2 bearing sets.



4025/2.5Y-670 8P

4025/2Y-830 8P   

4025/3Y-560 8P